Verre pour CHOUFFE 40 Petite bouteille pour CHOUFFE 40


To celebrate 40 years of CHOUFFE, the gnomes wanted to surprise eveyone who enjoys Brasserie d’Achouffe beers. They created CHOUFFE 40, a special beer that combines smoothness with hints of spice. It's a refreshing blond beer that's lighter than the rest of the range, and you'll love its citrus and sage notes.

5.6% Alc./vol
  • 33cl
  • 20l



3 reasons to drink it

  • 01

    A light beer that's full of character, and makes you want to dance all night!

  • 02

    Because life begins at 40!

  • 03

    You'll need some CHOUFFE to blow out all those candles!

CHOUFFE presents a light beer for its 40th birthday!

Marcel the gnome wanted to get all his friends together to celebrate CHOUFFES's 40th birthday. Micheline, Malcolm, Matthew and all the Fairy Valley gang will be there. A beer has been specially created for the occasion: CHOUFFE 40. It's a blond beer with hints of spice and is the lightest of the range. It's sure to keep the party going late into the night around a roaring fire under a starry sky.

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Delicious served with:

  1. Icone pour : cheese

    Aged goat cheese and soft cheeses

  2. Icone pour : dessert

    Chocolate muffins

  3. Icone pour : herb

    Basil and pink pepper

  4. Icone pour : vegetable

    Asparagus, radish, tomato, celeriac and cauliflower

Recipe idea

Taco party

Discover an original tasty recipe to enjoy with a nice CHOUFFE 40!

Taco party
Taco party

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