Fascinated by everything going on around us, we snook into the brewery to introduce you to a member of the team. At the reception, we met Aurélie Gabriel, the receptionist. Voted the most “N’ice” person at Achouffe by her colleagues, Aurélie answered a few questions we put to her.

Aurélie, what is your contribution to day-to-day life at the Achouffe brewery?

As a receptionist, I receive packages, pick up the mail and distribute it to the various members of the team. Along with my colleague, we manage the emails that arrive to the general mailbox of the brewery. I also help orient and inform visitors and tourists. If necessary, I help out with the accounting department. Finally, I organise staff parties.

How long have you worked here?

I started in February 2009, in the shop. Over time, it occurred to me that a receptionist position was necessary for the brewery to function properly. I discussed it with my boss and he gave me the role.

Why did you want to work at Achouffe?

Actually it was word of mouth. My sister already worked here as a manager at the bottling site. At the time, the brewery was looking for someone to work in the shop. I tried my luck, although I wasn’t very hopeful because I only had basic knowledge of Dutch and English. But I was very motivated. Once I was selected, I received on-the-job training.

What do you like most about your job?

Thanks to my job, I get to meet many interesting people every day. It is an extremely varied job, which is never boring.

I get on really well with my colleagues. We are a young and dynamic team, and we have all built up good relationships. Working around a product like LA CHOUFFE is also a very motivating factor. We all make a contribution to producing and promoting the product, which is very exciting on a daily basis. The working environment is also special: the Valley of the Fairies is beautiful, and a pleasant place to live.

And sometimes the gnomes chat with me. And that is quite unique!

Your colleagues voted you the most “N’ice” person in the brewery. Why do you think you were chosen?

Like everyone else, I sometimes have ‘off’ days, but I always stay positive. Listening to my colleagues, I motivate them when they need it, so that everything goes well.

N’Ice Chouffe is your favourite then, right?

It may come as a surprise to you, because it’s rather unusual for a woman, but my favorite beer is Houblon Chouffe. It’s quite a strong beer – 9% alcohol – and it’s bitter, but I love it. Drink it in moderation of course!

Having said that, I also love N’Ice Chouffe, when the weather is right. In fact, I’ve incorporated it into my recipe for BEEF STEW. I’m sure you’ll love it!