Grande bouteille pour Château d’Ychouffe
Aperitive beer

Château d’Ychouffe

Château d'YCHOUFFE is an aperitif beer made from LA CHOUFFE beer wort and grape must from the Domaine Pigneret in Moroges - AOC Coteaux Bourguignons. The must and wort ferment together in the Brasserie d'Achouffe fermentation tanks. This rosé-coloured aperitif beer has the effervescence and limpidity of sparkling wines, together with a delicate head.
The product of this collaboration between a Burgundy wine-maker and a Belgian brewer is limited to 25,000 bottles.

8.5% Alc./vol
  • 75l



3 reasons to drink it

  • 01

    In vino veritas, in Château d’YCHOUFFE felicitas!

  • 02

    There's nothing like a Château to celebrate the union of beer and wine

  • 03

    CHOUFFE in a cocktail glass is a real must!

The sweetness of an unexpected union

Sometimes being caught by surprise by those we love is enough for us to enjoy the delicate flavour of life. And Marcel or Maxence won't tell you any different.

Discover why


  1. Icone pour : vegetable

    artichoke, celeriac

  2. Icone pour : meat

    game, carbonade flamande, black pudding

  3. Icone pour : sauce

    balsamic vinaigrette

  4. Icone pour : dessert

    tarte tatin, vanilla ice cream with strawberry coulis

Recipe idea

Munster profiteroles with crispy country bacon

Easy recipe - 8 persons


For the choux pastry :
>2.5 litres water
>5 g salt
>100 g butter
>150 g flour
>4 eggs

For the Munster stuffing
>50 g butter
>50 g flour
>200 ml milk
>2 egg yolks
>Salt and pepper
>150 g Munster

For the crispy bacon
>16 thin slices of country bacon without fat

Munster profiteroles with crispy country bacon

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