Are you a real CHOUFFE fan ?

When it comes to enjoying a good CHOUFFE, you are never the last one! For your friends, if you weren't so tall and human, you could try to join the CHOUFFE dwarf family. Check how big a CHOUFFE fan you are, and be part of the huge CHOUFFE community !

The 5 qualities
of a Chouffe fan
Do you know the CHOUFFE-Song by heart ?
Here are a few notes to remind you.

♫ Vive la CHOUFFE ♪...

You sing the CHOUFFE song for no apparent reason!


CHOUFFE selfie

You have already taken a selfie with your favourite CHOUFFE.


Come rain, hail or shine!

You can CHOUFFE anywhere, in any weather.


Not without my hat

You especially like wearing your CHOUFFE hat.


A totally CHOUFFE interior

Sometimes you want to add a bit of CHOUFFE, even for decorating your home!