BIG CHOUFFE 2020, let’s swing !

When it came to designing the label for the 2020 edition of BIG CHOUFFE, the Achouffe Brewery called upon Bram De Baere.

As the gnomes from the Valley of the Fairies are such big fans of LA CHOUFFE, they decided one day to pack their favourite beer into magnums. Since that day, in 2005, the back of these one and a half litre bottles have been designed by famous illustrators.

This year, the Achouffe Brewery asked Bram De Baere to draw the label for the new season of BIG CHOUFFE.

Bram De Baere, proud adoptive father of Marcel

35-year-old Bram De Baere has been drawing ever since he was a young boy. After graduating in product development, he set to work in the design studio WeWantMore in Antwerp, where he combined the role of art director with his greatest passion: illustration.

These days, Bram works in his own design studio in Herent (near Leuven), where he specialises in character design, caricatures and political cartoons (among others for the magazines Knack and Humo). For the last ten years, Bram has also been drawing our own gnome Marcel, who he brings to life on labels, coasters, and other cheerful CHOUFFE items. This gnome was the brainchild of Dominique Fléron in the 1980s, but over the years Bram was chuffed to take on the role of adoptive dad.

Bram was given ‘carte blanche’ for this limited edition bottle and interpreted Marcel in his unique caricature style.

Where can you find a collector’s bottle of BIG CHOUFFE 2020?

The 130,000 bottles in this unique collection feature a screen-printed label designed by Bram De Baere. They are now available and on sale at beer merchants, in supermarkets, in the CHOUFFE Shop in Achouffe and via the webshop.

They have also been exported to a number of European countries (France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland), as well as Israel and China.

You can check out all the creations by Bram De Baere on or on Facebook and Instagram via @bramdebaere.


The origins of BIG CHOUFFE

The gnomes in the Valley of the Fairies enjoy life and are keen to share their unconditional love of beer with everyone in the community. Therefore, one night, they secretly set about replacing the standard LA CHOUFFE bottles with bottles that appeared like giants beside them.

By the time the master brewer discovered their cunning trick, it was too late and there were already hundreds of bottles of BIG CHOUFFE. At first, the brewing team were unsure what to do with this extraordinary product, but in the end they decided to allow all (big) beer lovers the chance to enjoy it.


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