Are you a real CHOUFFE fan ?

When it comes to enjoying a good CHOUFFE, you are never the last one! For your friends, if you weren't so tall and human, you could try to join the CHOUFFE gnome family. Check how big a CHOUFFE fan you are, and be part of the huge CHOUFFE community !

They're just completely CHOUFFE!

Christof, a CHOUFFE life!

Christof Vandenhouten is certainly one of our biggest fans. Today, he demonstrates his passion for CHOUFFE, which began about ten years ago, in many different and sometimes highly original ways!

Mrs. CHOUFFE, from floor to ceiling

For 15 years, Monique Carrein from Hansbeke-Nevele has collected absolutely anything to do with the beers from the Valley of the Fairies. A meeting with the lady they've nicknamed “Mrs CHOUFFE”.

Who are the “Chouffards”?

The Chouffards is the story of a group of friends who in 2001, after falling in love with LA CHOUFFE, decided to create a group to promote the various products of the Chouffe Brewery through fine food.

And you, are you one hell of a CHOUFFE fan too? We want to interview you!

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The 5 qualities
of a Chouffe fan
Do you know the CHOUFFE-Song by heart ?
Here are a few notes to remind you.

♫ Vive la CHOUFFE ♪...

You sing the CHOUFFE song for no apparent reason!


CHOUFFE selfie

You have already taken a selfie with your favourite CHOUFFE.


Come rain, hail or shine!

You can CHOUFFE anywhere, in any weather.


Not without my hat

You especially like wearing your CHOUFFE hat.


A totally CHOUFFE interior

Sometimes you want to add a bit of CHOUFFE, even for decorating your home!