Who are the “Chouffards”?

The Chouffards is the story of a group of friends who in 2001, after falling in love with LA CHOUFFE, decided to create a group to promote the various products of the Chouffe Brewery through fine food. “We’ve known about LA CHOUFFE for many years, mostly through our scout camps in the Ardennes. But it was late summer 2000, after cooking mussels in LA CHOUFFE, that we had the idea of devising dishes based on this beer in order to raise its profile”, explains Eric Lambert, first President of the Chouffards.

Driven by the same passion, the Chouffards regularly organize activities such as suppers, gourmet walks, etc. using LA CHOUFFE as an ingredient. The group also represents the brewery at certain events such as the Belgian Beer Weekend in Brussels or the Beer Lovers’ Marathon in Liège.

Made up of six friends when it began, the group now has around fifteen members. “The hardcore is always there”, Eric Lambert proudly states. All signatories of the “Chouffards Charter”, they are recognizable in their Malcolm costumes, the McCHOUFFE gnome.