01 Cheers Cheers for Chouffe !
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A la brasserie In the brewery
Aurélie et Sophie Aurélie and Sophie, always Chouffe
05 Cheers for Chouffe !
Pauline -

The gnomes have fun interviewing members of the CHOUFFE team

Eric, production manager

Eric knows how to savour the quality of the finished product… Cheers!

“I joined the brewery in 2000. It was my first job! Among other things, I take care of production requirements and maintenance needs, monitoring daily production compared to forecasts, and readjusting if necessary. I also help develop new recipes”.

Dominique, maintenance and upkeep manager

Stacking the crates at the Grande CHOUFFERIE was his idea!

Dominique Mathurin (on the left in the photo) started work at Achouffe almost thirty years ago to support the two founders in developing the brewery, and took part in our little Q&A.

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