The word ”plogging” combines “plocka upp”, meaning “pick up” in Swedish, and “jogging”. It emerged in Sweden in 2016, and has since gone international. These days, you can even go a-plogging in A-chouffe!

What the CHOUFFE is plogging about?

To plog, you simply combine walking or running with picking up litter. More specifically, it involves equipping yourself appropriately when you go for a walk or a jog so you can collect the litter you find strewn along your path. In addition to contributing to the preservation of nature, plogging gives us a different kind of workout: it’s a win-win, Marcel!


How can I go a-plogging in A-chouffe?

Would you like to take advantage of your stay in Achouffe to do some plogging? We knew we could count on you when push came to CHOUFFE!

And nothing could be easier. Just head over to the CHOUFFE Shop to get all the plogging gear you need: bags and gloves. Then off you go to discover the surrounding area of Achouffe, and pick up any litter you come across.

When you return from your walk or your jog, you’ll find that our gnome Marcel hasn’t forgotten you! As a reward for your all your efforts, he’ll give you a discount voucher that you can use for all your purchases at the CHOUFFE Shop.

You too can CHOUFFE to act responsibly!


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