OUF, la Grande CHOUFFERIE is back

Every year in the Valley of the Fairies, la Grande CHOUFFERIE, THE must-see summer event, takes place. All CHOUFFE fans can now mark the event dates in their calendar. In fact, this year’s event will be exceptional, as we are also commemorating 40 years of the CHOUFFE brand. Marcel and the gnomes are excited to welcome you during three very festive days.

The party will be held at the Achouffe brewery on 11th, 12th, and 13th August, and it will be free. On this occasion, you will be offered some CHOUFFE, of course, but you will also get to partake in many events, each one more CHOUFFE than the last. Young and old alike will get to have some fun and enjoy a wonderful time together.

Here’s everything you need to know about this special event:

OUF, brimful of great concerts

Many totally CHOUFFE bands have confirmed their participation in this anniversary edition of la Grande CHOUFFERIE. They will be performing on stage over the course of three days, making participants jump, dance and sing to celebrate their favourite beer.

OUF, let’s climb the crates

The climb-the-crates competition is one of the most unique traditions of la Grande CHOUFFERIE. The aim of the game is really straightforward. “All” you have to do is stack up as many crates of LA CHOUFFE as you can to build the tallest crate tower possible. Both feet must be firmly placed on the topmost crate for the attempt to count. Just for your information, the record is 29 crates (pretty high for a gnome).

OUF, the little ones won’t stop bouncing

The bouncy castles are sure to delight the kids, who will be able to bounce off them and perform leprechaun jumps to their heart’s content. Many other children’s events will be organised.

OUF, there will be plenty to eat and drink

Snacks will be available on site and an artisanal ice cream maker will also be present to delight the taste buds of young and old alike. And there will be unlimited CHOUFFE available to drink, of course.

OUF, it’s free and open to all

This event is free and open to all. However, our premises can only host a limited number of people at a time. If you wish to be a part of the celebration, we suggest that you don’t arrive too late.

Where does it tale place ?

Brewery Achouffe

Achouffe n°32
6666 Wibrin - Achouffe

Open on Google Maps