Rendez-vous in 2022 !

The Great CHOUFFE-off of 2021 has had to be put off till 2022. Bummerrr!But hang on—what about this: “Forty years: fireworks and beers!” It rhymes! Coincidence? We don’t think so! In 2022, our brewery’s going to be celebrating its 40th anniversary.
At the risk of exaggerating wildly, we can already tell you that the Grand CHOUFFE-Off of 2022 will be THE party you must NOT fail to MISS. (Oh no, wait…)
Marcel is already in CHOUFFE Marcel mode!
Come on now, Marcel! Do the Marce-e-e-l CHOUFFLE!

For one weekend in August, things are abuzz at the brewery. It’s LA GRANDE CHOUFFERIE! The gnomes of the Achouffe brewery eagerly celebrate the anniversary of LA CHOUFFE. Every year, more than 5000 people get a CHOUFFE-full, and enjoy our delicious dishes and brews. It is also an opportunity to CHOUFFE and participate in various fun activities organised for young and old alike. LA GRANDE CHOUFFERIE, CHOUFFE your heart out!


Several bands are being invited to come and delight the ears of all CHOUFFE fans. Please hang in there just a bit longer : we’ll be revealing their names as soon as we can.

Climb-the-crates competition

The aim of this game is really straightforward: all you have to do (!!!) is stack up as many crates of LA CHOUFFE as you can so as to build the highest tower possible. Both feet must be placed firmly on the highest crate for the attempt to count. Just for your information: the record is 29 crates (pretty high for a gnome), so no pressure!


Ready to have your pretty mug sent up? Once it’s done, you’ll be really ch(o)uffed!

Wooden toys

For the enjoyment of young and old alike, we're setting up wooden games that'll test your agility and thinking.

Entertainment area

Bouncy castle - circus space - creative corner

Where does it tale place ?

Brewery Achouffe

Achouffe n°32
6666 Wibrin - Achouffe

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