At the Chouffe Brewery

After booking your visit and arriving at the Chouffe Brewery, you will be welcomed by our guide, who will take you to the different production rooms. You could even discover some of our production secrets. The visit has the perfect ending, as the last stage takes you to the "Gnome's Inn" (Auberge des Lutins), where you can taste the brewery's different beverages.

A CHOUFFE visit !

Fish farming on the Achouffe estate

The fish farm has an annual production of around 500,000 eggs, 350,000 fish larvae and 150,000 troutlets, from which 50,000 trout will be released into the region's rivers for fishing purposes. The fish farm is also part of the "Saumon 2000" programme; it breeds salmon larvae, which will be released into the River Meuse. In summer, if you have time, stop your vehicle by the side of the road and take a walk along one of the paths. Verges teeming with plants. Colours and aromas mingle harmoniously and the damp odours from the ditches reveal rural fragrances that the hot sun does not reach. The atmosphere is different there (fishing).(Source: Tourism Office of Houffalize-La Roche).

At the CHOUFFE shop

If you want to take home a CHOUFFE as a souvenir of your visit to the Valley of the Fairies, you'd better pop into the CHOUFFE shop. You will find the entire CHOUFFE range, as well as glasses and your favourite CHOUFFE beers.

Go to the CHOUFFE-shop

At the Chapelle Saint-Joseph

Make the most of your visit to Achouffe and visit the Chapelle Saint-Joseph. It was built in the early 19th century and features a 16th century statue of the Virgin with Child and an 18th century statue of Saint Roch.