• You don’t suffer from korriganophobia* and, on the contrary, you would even find it amusing to meet a dwarf in your workplace?
  • Would you like to work in a magical atmosphere, within a friendly company on a human scale?
  • Would you like to promote an outstanding product, which brings people together around the world?
  • Do you like your beers blond, dark, or triple? (in moderation!)
  • Are you pleasant, enthusiastic and competent?
In that case, give your career a boost and join us in the Valley of the Fairies!

The Achouffe Brewery is looking for:

Operator (M/F)

In close collaboration with the laboratory, as an operator you will ensure the proper functioning of vat filling, and the disinfection cycles within the installations. The dwarfs are extremely hygienic, and don't need to be disinfected.

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Sales person in the CHOUFFE Shop (student) (M/F)

Welcome, advise and guide visitors. Prepare and present the products in the shop. Negotiate with the dwarfs so they don't help themselves to the stock of fridge magnets (they love them, and we have no idea why).

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* This word actually exists… it means fear of dwarfs. What a thought!!