The gnomes of the Valley of the Fairies discovered the secret of making this golden beer in an old grimoire. With its slightly hoppy taste, fresh coriander notes and fruity accents, LA CHOUFFE would appear to be the brew that accounts for their joie de vivre. At least that's what these mischievous imps tell us every time they want to quench their thirst. Among the legends of this wonderful region of the Belgian Ardennes, LA CHOUFFE is the one that deserves to be the most widely shared.

Make it foam !

Chouffe Alcohol-free

In search of new sensations, Marcel decided to parachute. In order not to be blown to the 4 winds, our famous gnome took care to cling to a bottle of CHOUFFE. Our friend suddenly had the idea of combining the lightness of the cloud he was flying through with the great taste of his favorite beer. His landing was smooth. Our gnome then had the pleasure of opening the first Chouffe 0.4. This non-alcoholic beer, with the characteristic taste of CHOUFFE, instantly gave him the desire to share with all his friends these unique sensations of lightness that he had just discovered.

Chouffe Alcohol-Free


Of all the legendary beings of the Valley of the Fairies, some appear to be more unique than others. Malcolm, for example, stands out from the other gnomes by his accent and kilt. The little fellow will always prefer a Mc CHOUFFE to its blond sister, LA CHOUFFE. Its gourmet flavours of anise, liquorice and caramel tickle his nostrils. And if you listen to him, it won't be long before he's bragging about its ruby hues, slight bitterness and strong character, worthy of his native Scotland. Despite its robustness, Mc CHOUFFE can be appreciated with the same lightness as LA CHOUFFE.

Dip your beard in a McCHOUFFE !


The gnomes of the Valley of the Fairies are small imps with a very strong temperament. With Houblon CHOUFFE, they have finally found a beer which reflects their complex spirit. By drawing on the flavours of three different types of hops, all the gnomes can agree on Houblon CHOUFFE, confident of their good taste. This "India Pale Ale" is appreciated for its pronounced bitterness combined with the fruity notes that characterise the beers from Achouffe. Ideal for softening strong characters.

Smell the hoppy fragrance of Houblon CHOUFFE


Only wonderful beings could imagine capturing the sweetness of the sun and locking it in a beer bottle. In the legendary Valley of the Fairies, a handful of gnomes have found a way to spend the sunny days in style: with a CHOUFFE Soleil. This mild and refreshing seasonal beer reveals delicious citrus flavours, enhanced by a touch of vanilla and peppery notes. Radiant and slightly cloudy at the same time, CHOUFFE Soleil promises you glowing moments.

Pour some sun in your CHOUFFE


When the small animals of the Valley of the Fairies decide to hibernate, the Achouffe gnomes like to snuggle up in their dens. By the soft glow of the fireplace, they spend long evenings recounting the most amazing Ardennes legends while enjoying a delicious N'ice CHOUFFE. Combining mildness and strength, with spicy notes of thyme and curaçao, this dark beer warms the heart and the atmosphere at the same time. Thanks to N'ice Chouffe, even the harshest winters are always a joy.

Slip toward a N'ICE CHOUFFE


The gnomes love the beers from Achouffe. But they also love the juicy cherries which grow in their magical region. Every year, they store them in the lofts of the brewery. One day, under the weight of the harvest, the floor gave way. The cherries fell into a Mc CHOUFFE, which was being prepared. The mischievous little gnomes covered up the incident. Surprised at finding a beer with a radiant glow and fruity taste, the Master brewer finally decided to bottle it. Today, Cherry CHOUFFE is drunk with finesse, so as not to stain your beard, and always in charming company.

Get sweet with a Cherry CHOUFFE