BIG CHOUFFE 2022: a midsummer night’s beer!

With the BIG CHOUFFE, you can throw yourself into all the excitement and joy of a festive night. The gnomes asked André Taymans to illustrate the 2022 edition of their famous magnum. He depicted them celebrating the 40th anniversary of the brewery, under a glorious summer sky, in the Valley of the Fairies!
Since 2005, the back of the BIG CHOUFFE bottles has been illustrated by a different artist each year. This time, the Brasserie d’Achouffe asked André Taymans, famous for his heroine Caroline Baldwin, to do the honours.

« Marcel the Gnome is a character that really appeals to me »

André Taymans had a lot of fun coming up with his own interpretation of the Achouffe gnomes: “Marcel the Gnome is a character that really appeals to me. He’s a nice guy, like something straight from the comics, and everyone knows him. Moreover, there’s a lot of storytelling to do in a universe as rich as that of CHOUFFE.”

The artist therefore envisioned a merry trio of gnomes celebrating the brewery’s 40th anniversary on a beautiful summer’s night. On this occasion, he decided to give a little wink to his readers: the elf riding the barrel is actually the spitting image of Caroline Baldwin!

Since 1988, André has published more than fifty comic books, as well as covers for novels. In addition to the Caroline Baldwin series, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2021, there are Les Aventures de Charlotte, Les Tribulations de Roxane, and the Sibylline comic books, about the friendly mouse created by Marcherot in the 1960s. In 2015, André Taymans joined the editorial team of the Paquet Group and helped establish Éditions Place du Sablon, specialising in the republishing of comic books that are part of the art form’s heritage.

You can follow news about André on his website and on social media: and

Where can I find a collector’s bottle of BIG CHOUFFE 2022?

The 260,000 bottles of this unique collection, serigraphed with André Taymans’ design, will be available starting in August 2021 in off-licences, supermarkets, the CHOUFFE Shop in Achouffe, and our webshop. They are also exported to various European countries (France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Austria, and Switzerland), as well as to Israel and China.


The origin of BIG CHOUFFE

The gnomes of Fairy Valley enjoy the good things in life, and sharing their great love for beer with their community. This is why, one night, they switched the brewery’s usual LA CHOUFFE bottles with other bottles, which, to them, seemed gigantic.

By the time the head brewer realised what was going on, hundreds of BIG CHOUFFE bottles had already been filled. At first, the team at the brewery was unsure about this non-standard product, but they decided to make it available for all (big) beer fans to enjoy.


Previous designers of the BIG CHOUFFE label

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Bram de Baere 2020

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Thiel 2019
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Carin 2018
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Malik 2016
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Potma 2015
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Servais 2005-6
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