BIG CHOUFFE 2021: a glass of CHOUFFE, taste the freshness!

For 2021, BIG CHOUFFE is flying high, really high! The gnomes have asked Charel Cambré, a famous Flemish cartoonist, to illustrate the traditional magnum this year. He has chosen to send Marcel and Micheline up and away… on board the CHOUFFE hot air balloon of course!

Every year since 2005, BIG CHOUFFE bottles have been illustrated on the back by a different cartoonist. For this new vintage, the Achouffe brewery invited Charel Cambré, most well-known as a contributor to the contemporary version of the Bob and Bobette cartoons.

The Achouffe gnomes as seen by Charel Cambré.

Charel’s illustration is full of action, and shows the joie de vivre of the gnomes of Fairy Valley! “The idea was also not to forget the lady gnomes”, explains the artist. So, we see Marcel on board the famous CHOUFFE hot air balloon, holding out his hand to Micheline, as they set off together on what promises to be a new and exciting voyage!

Charel Cambré grew up in Herenthout where his parents ran a cafe. As a teenager, he was already working on designing beer mats. Since his studies at the Kunsthumaniora in Lier, and then at the Académie royale des Beaux-Arts (KASK) in Ghent, Charel Cambré has worked on various projects such as animated cartoon series and comic strips. He has worked on several modern recent Bob and Bobette, and Amoras albums and has also published his own comic books (Jump, Filip & Mathilde, De Pfaffs)

You can follow all Charel Cambré’s work on his Facebook page and on Instagram (@charelcambre).

Where can I find a collector’s bottle of BIG CHOUFFE 2021?

The 180,000 magnums of this unique collection have screen-printed labels with Charel Cambré’s illustration. Available from the end of 2020, they are sold by beer sellers, in mass retail, at the CHOUFFE-Shop at Achouffe and through the brewery’s webshop. They are also exported to different European countries (France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Austria and Switzerland), as well as to Israel and China. the


The origin of BIG CHOUFFE

The gnomes of Fairy Valley enjoy the good things in life, and sharing their great love for beer with their community. This is why, one night, they switched the brewery’s usual LA CHOUFFE bottles with other bottles, which, to them, seemed gigantic.

By the time the head brewer realised what was going on, hundreds of BIG CHOUFFE bottles had already been filled. At first, the team at the brewery was unsure about this non-standard product, but they decided to make it available for all (big) beer fans to enjoy.


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