Pour your CHOUFFE and enjoy a totally OUF! moment

Post workout…

OUF! Working out to have a nice break afterwards is a great excuse for the body, and for the mind?! Ready? Steady!… and crack a bottle !

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An evening with friends? It’s CHOUFFE time! OUF!

Meet other CHOUFFE fans

Time for romance!

OUF! CHOUFFE puts you in the mood for something special… something tells us you’re going to have a sparkling time.

It’s all you need to go with a good meal


Getting together with friends around a fire, and a nice CHOUFFE…isn’t that what it’s all about? OUF!

It’s time story time !

Best friends forever!

OUF! Your luck’s in… it’s time to enjoy your favourite CHOUFFE.

All about our beers!

How about you?
Tell us about the CHOUFFE moment that makes you want to go OUF! ?