To safeguard the wealth of their majestic forests, and to fight global warming, the gnomes are joining forces with the not-for-profit Bos+. They spent a day contributing to regenerating our forests in a typically friendly CHOUFFE atmosphere.

On Saturday 23rd November 2019, we met the gnomes in the Terwagne woods, near Nandrin. Why? To plant trees!

“This is a commitment in line with our brewery,” explained Jean-Lou Barbette, the Operational Director of the Brasserie d’Achouffe (Chouffe Brewery). “Nature gives us all the ingredients we need to make our beers, and the forests are home to our gnomes. Through this project, we hope to return the favour and do something for future generations, by taking part in the fight against deforestation, and global warming, at a local level.”

CHOUFFE plants 500 trees

For the occasion, the Brasserie d’Achouffe teamed up with Bos+, a not-for-profit association specialising in this type of project, and which allotted the elves a plot of land in Seny, in Condroz. The forest has suffered two crises: spruces have been affected by bark beetles, and ash trees have been infected with ash dieback. A total of 10,000 trees are due to be planted on this 20-hectare plot.

To avoid potential health and climatic issues, as well as in order to promote biodiversity, a variety of species has been selected : chestnut, Cornish oak, English oak, northern red oak, beech and cherry.

Having been told about the aims of the project, and given planting instructions,our CHOUFFE-fans were able to help restore this wood, with live music from the Hill Street Band to lighten the load. In this way, 500 trees were planted!

United around a common cause

CHOUFFE fans, members of the CHOUFFE team, people living in the region or from further afield… around 40 people came from all over Belgium to take part in this fun and friendly day.

After lunch, eaten together, and washed down with a good CHOUFFE, an educational walk with a professional guide from Bos+ gave everyone a better understanding of how forests are managed day to day. At the end of the day, everyone went home with a goodie bag from CHOUFFE as a thank you for giving their time to help our beautiful natural environment.

A big Thank You! to our #CHOUFFEFANS and to Lauranne, Sophie & SylvaNova for the pictures