A unique flavour

Discover a new beer that does have the unique flavour of Chouffe (which gnomes just go crazy for) but that doesn’t have any alcohol in it.

Laid-back moments

With Chouffe Alcohol-Free, everyone can enjoy a great, carefree time, no matter the occasion.

Verre pour Chouffe Alcohol-Free


Refreshing and tasty, with hints of spices and that uniquely fruity CHOUFFINESS, Chouffe Alcohol-Free has a peerless lightness.

A beer for any occasion

  • 01

    Just before a tennis match, chug a 0.4 without losing that killer backhand.

  • 02

    Throw back a 0.4 after a long ride, and drive off on your unicycle. You’ll soon have your CHOUFFEUR’s licence!

  • 03

    There’s no shortage of opportunities for a nice drink among one’s fellow gnomes... But let’s get on with this afternoon’s cherry-picking!

Momenten delen

Gnomes and other Chouffe-lovers know you can be both mischievous and vigilant. They wanted to be able to share a few laid-back moments and throw a few back with their friends, without worrying about alcohol consumption. Now they can enjoy the taste of Chouffe, and the experience that goes with it, without any alcohol at all.

In a good company

Before or after a sports competition, before a work meeting or an important appointment, in order to have the evening last a bit longer, or to “drink” and drive, alcohol-free Chouffe lets you fully enjoy a nice moment in good company while keeping a clear head. From now on, there’s a Chouffe for every taste and every moment.

Is 0.4% really alcohol-free?

Honouring tradition

Chouffe Alcohol-Free is brewed at the Chouffe Brewery with passion and know-how, just like all the other beers in our range. Gnome’s honour: this is a genuine Belgian beer whose quality does justice to the country’s brewing tradition.

A special type of yeast

Unlike other beers, Chouffe Alcohol-Free is brewed with a special type of yeast that does not turn sugars into alcohol during fermentation, so the alcohol content stays below 0.4%.

What does “alcohol-free” mean?

Fermented drinks

It means there’s no charge for the alcohol.

OK, just kidding.

A lot of you have asked us this. An infinitesimal amount of alcohol is produced in the process that any fermented drink goes through. Traces of alcohol can be found, for instance, in smoothies and in some juices that made from very ripe fruit. And did you know that some breads contain more than 1% alcohol?

Less than 0.5% = Alcohol-free

This beer will never contain more than 0.4% alcohol. This statement on the bottle is a guarantee of transparency for consumers. And the amount of alcohol is negligible: research has shown that, even if you were to drink two whole litres of 0.5% beer, not even a smidgin of alcohol could be detected in your blood. That’s why we can call this an alcohol-free beer and market it alongside other non-alcoholic products.

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