Verre pour CHOUFFE Soleil Petite bouteille pour CHOUFFE Soleil


Delicate, fruity, refreshing... CHOUFFE Soleil promises you radiant moments throughout the summer. Made from a blend of malted barley, wheat and rye, CHOUFFE Soleil reveals the sweet aroma of elderflower and chamomile. Delicious citrus flavours - mandarin and lime -, enhanced with a touch of vanilla and peppery notes, titillate our taste buds. Both radiant and slightly cloudy, CHOUFFE Soleil can be enjoyed all year round. Pleasant times guaranteed!

6% Alc./vol
  • 33cl
  • 20l



3 reasons to drink it

  • 01

    Because it's not just water which is refreshing!

  • 02

    To taste the real flavour of summer!

  • 03

    Because being able to say that you have drunk sunshine in a bottle is a great crowd-pleaser!

CHOUFFE your heart out… from a sunny Monday to a rainy Sunday

Every beautiful day spent with the CHOUFFE gnomes is the right moment for a walk, a picnic by the pond and... CHOUFFE Soleil. The taste of this light beer makes you want to go swimming or set off on an escapade. CHOUFFE high, all the way to the edge of the stream. Before drinking CHOUFFE Soleil, you should seriously think about putting sun cream on.

Découvrez pourquoi !

Delicious served with:

  1. Icone pour : cheese

    Crusted goat's cheese and soft cheese

  2. Icone pour : dessert

    Chocolate muffin

  3. Icone pour : herb

    Basil and pink pepper

  4. Icone pour : vegetable

    Asparagus, radishes, tomato, celery root and cauliflower

Recipe idea

Summer tacos with whiting and lime mayonnaise

Serves 4
Preparation time: 30 minutes

Summer tacos with whiting and lime mayonnaise

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